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Thermal Printing Analog Punch Clock

Thermal Printing Analog Punch Clock

Our Price: $109.00

Thermal Printing Analog Punch Clock

Clock purchase includes 100 Thermal Printing Time Cards.

Introducing the Thermal Printing Payroll Clock! We’ve designed this punch clock as the perfect solution for the small business. This payroll clock features easy out of box setup and ribbon free design. Tracking the time and attendance of your employees has never been simpler. Our thermal printing feature provides the clearest and crispest printing on the market and with no cartridge or oil and no maintenance is required. Analog Thermal Printing Payroll Clocks available in Gray and Blue.

Punch Clock Benefits:

  • Weekly / Biweekly Pay Periods
  • Easy to Use
  • Analog display
  • No Print Cartridge / Ribbon Free / No Ink Needed
  • NEW Thermal Printing Technology
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Easy Out of Box Setup
  • Alarm / Bell Function
  • Modern & Durable Design
  • Ideal for Small Businesses (up to 25 employees)
  • Available Colors: Blue (Model 2010-T8) & Grey (Model 2010-T7)
  • Easy to calculate 24 hour format

The Thermal Printing Payroll Clock at a glance:

Auto Feed/Print Mechanism - Allows employees to punch in and out and eliminates feeding errors.
Left or Right Hand Feeding - Minimizes employee error when punching in and out.
Alarm/Music to Signal Beginning or End of Shift – This function can be turned on or disabled.
Clear & Crisp Printing - Thermal printing is clear and crisp and there is nothing else like it. Never struggle to read time cards again!
Adjustable Print Alignment - You can set print alignment and lock it; this eliminates time card printing errors.
Prints Front/Back of Time Cards - Reduce the time attendance costs of your business by printing on both the front and back of your time card (up to one month on a single card)
1 Year Warranty – One year manufacturer’s warranty comes with every attendance punch clock. This warranty covers manufacturer’s defects not caused by incorrect use of the product.
30 Days Free Support - Free support through Time-Masters. If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting your payroll clock, Time-Masters has a technical support and customer service team ready to assist you.
Guarantee – Quality time attendance products are our goal. If for any reason our product does not meet the needs of your business, contact us and we will make sure that your needs are met (even if it is with another company’s product).

Includes 100 thermal time cards.

  • Perfect for small businesses.
  • Large Analog Display
  • Weekly/Biweekly Pay Periods
  • Ideal for 25 Employees
  • Modern & Durable Design
  • Automatic Feed and Eject of Time Card


  • Dimensions: 9.2'' W x 3.3'' D x 8.5''H
  • Weight: 2Lbs
  • Power Consumption DC17V, 0.75A
  • Printing Type: Heat Sensitive Thermal
  • Print Color: Black
  • 3 Alarm Options
  • 6 Punches per Day
  • Top AutoFeed
  • Auto Eject


Time Card Thermal Time Clock TM-2010-TC-WB Box of 100

✔  100 Weekly & Biweekly Time Cards
✔  6 Punches Per Day (including overtime)
✔  Disclaimer with Employee Signature Section

Our Price: $8.99