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Time Card Thermal Time Clock TM-2010-TC-WB Box of 100

Time Card Thermal Time Clock TM-2010-TC-WB Box of 100

Item #: TM-TM2010-TC-WB
Our Price: $8.99


eco friendly leaf.jpgTM-2010 Thermal Printing Time Clock Time Cards:

For weekly & bi-weekly pay periods, these 100 printable time cards are printed on eco friendly thermal paper.  Heat sensitive design allows for a ribbon (ink) free printing.  Green and red printing separates the two weeks for weekly or bi-weekly pay periods.  Disclaimer section with employee signature allows for verification of worked hours.

Features of Thermal Time Cards:

✔  Weekly (Sunday through Saturday) or Biweekly Pay Periods
✔  Dimension of Timecard: 3 1/4" W x 7 1/4" H
✔  Allows for 6 punches per day (including overtime)
✔  Allows for the following entries:
          - Employee ID number
         - Employee Name
         - Pay Period Dates
         - Regular Hours
         - Hourly Rate
         - Overtime Hours
         - Overtime Rate
         - Total Hours
         - Balance Due
         - Notes/Comments
         - Tax Deductions
         - Employee Signature

TM-2010 Thermal Printing Time Cards are compatible with the following thermal time clocks:

TM 2010 Digital Thermal Time Clock (Weekly / Biweekly)

TM 2010 Analog Thermal Time Clock (Weekly / Biweekly)

✔  100 Weekly & Biweekly Time Cards
✔  6 Punches Per Day (including overtime)
✔  Disclaimer with Employee Signature Section