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At Time Masters we are always interested in buying or trading-in any used or new timeclock you might have. We buy, trade-in & recycle used handpunches, time clocks, timestamps. We buy used timeclock equipment from companies and individuals. We also buy, sell & trade in different brand of reconditioned, refurbished & used time recording devices such as Acroprint, Amano, Lathem, Rapidprint, Schlage, Ingersoll Rand, Recognition Systems.

Don’t forget that due to new recycling laws, you can’t just throw away your old, unwanted equipment in the garbage. Most of the electronic devices contain environmentally hazardous materials and need to be disposed of properly. Time Masters can help you recycle your old time clocks.

In addition, we deal with used time clocks from sources such as off-lease, surplus, liquidation, going out of business, recycled, closeouts, asset recovery, auctions, overstock, excess inventory and asset disposition.