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Schlage HandPunch HP-3000

Schlage HandPunch HP-3000

Item #: HP-3000
Our Price: $1394.00
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HandPunch 3000

When You Want To Cut Time and Attendance Costs...Do It By Hand
Schlage Biometrics brings the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology easily within reach of any time and attendance application with the HandPunch 3000. In operations that range from coal mines to clean rooms, the Schlage HandPunch 3000 has proven itself to be a practical and precise solution for employee time management and access control.

Our Biometric Time Clock, Hand Scanner, Works by Identifying Employees' Hand Geometry Instantly

Schlage's biometric attendance system the HandPunch 3000 identifies an employee by the unique size and shape of their hand. This means your employees will no longer need to carry cards or keys. The costs and risks associated with credentials that can be lost, stolen or duplicated without authorization is also eliminated. Schlage HandPunch 3000 biometric attendance system also eliminates time fraud by making it virtually impossible to “buddy punch.” The result is more accuracy, productivity and profitability for your company.

Your Hand Is Your Card

With the HandPunch 3000 there are no cards to create, administer, carry or lose. For mid-size companies, the HandPunch 3000 provides a high return on investment by eliminating the cost associated with administering and managing cards. For companies that have small, multiple locations, minimal supervision leaves an opportunity for buddy punching and time fraud. With the Schlage HandPunch 3000 one employee can’t punch for the other. Time fraud is eliminated thereby reducing payroll costs and positively impacting your company’s profitability.

 Affordable Ethernet Solution

The HandPunch 3000 biometric attendance system comes standard with serial RS232 connection allowing for quick integration into your time management systems, applications and existing network infrastructure. Additionally you can upgrade to Ethernet (TCP/IP) as well.

Hand Geometry Technology

The HandPunch 3000 uses Schlage’s field-proven hand geometry biometric technology. The terminal captures an image of the hand each time the employee punches. The hand’s size and the shape are used to verify their identity with unparalleled accuracy. No finger or palm prints are utilized. The technology works well indoor as well as in harsh environments.

Programmable Data Management Keys

The HandPunch 3000 has two user-definable data management keys that let you collect data as employees punch. Common uses include department transfers, tips collected, job codes, or pay codes.

Antimicrobial Protection

Every HandPunch 3000 biometric attendance system contains a silver-based anti-microbial agent-which is embedded into the materials used to produce the platen, providing a finish that inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, and fungi and remains active for the life of the HandPunch.

Hand Outline

The HandPunch 3000 hand scanner comes standard with a blue hand outline printed on the platen. This hand outline helps new users place their hand accurately on the platen thus decreasing initial enrollment time and better enrollment quality. It also includes the Ingersoll Rand Schlage Biometrics logo.

When paired with the AMG Employee Attendance software, the HandPunch 3000 biometric attendance system delivers tangible benefits and reduces payroll and administration costs. To view our promotional package, please click here.

✔  512 Employee/User Standard (Expandable)
✔  2 Function Keys
✔  RS232-Serial Communication
✔  Prevents Buddy Punching
✔  Hand Geometry Biometric Technology

Features of the HandPunch 3000 Hand Scanner

✔  Saves money over card-based systems
✔  Dramatically reduces payroll costs
✔  Easily integrates into existing network infrastructures
✔  Eliminates badges
✔  Eliminates buddy punching
✔  Fast and easy to use
✔  Includes 50 Foot RS232 Cable
✔  Standard with 512 active employees (Expandable)
✔  Platen also comes standard with a printed hand outline to ensure accurate hand placement while punching


Specifications of the HandPunch 3000 Hand Scanner:

✔  Size:8.85 in (22.3 cm) wide x 11.65 in (29.6 cm)high x 8.55 in (21.7 cm) deep
✔  Weight:6 lbs (2.7 kg)
✔  Power:12 to 24 VDC or 12 to 24 VAC 50-60 Hz, 7 watts 
✔  Relative Humidity: 5% to 85% NC
✔  Verification Time:Less than one second
✔  Memory Retention:Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery.
✔  Transaction Storage:5120 transactions
✔  ID Number Length:1 to 10 digits from keypad
✔  User Capacity: 512 Users (Expandable)
✔  Template Size: 9 bytes
✔  Communications:Provide 50' RS232 Serial Cable
✔  Options:    BB-200 Operational Battery Backup
      WAR-EXT 1 year extended warranty

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Free Shipping
On US orders

Schlage HandPunch HP-3000-E-XL | Break Compliant | AMG Software Package

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Free Shipping
On US orders



  • Spring Loaded Door
  • Hasp for Pad Locking
  • Mounting Holes for HandPunch Terminal
  • Dimension: 25 1/2" H x 15" W x 10 1/2" D
Our Price: $302.00



Upgrade memory on your HandPunch 3000 Terminal from 512 to 9,728.  HandPunch memory expansion can save you from spending a lot of money on a new HandPunch.

Note:Readers built after 2003 or readers that have been upgraded to main boards with a push button reset switch.

Our Price: $249.00

Free Shipping
On US orders


Factory option only, not available for field installation.

Our Price: $899.00


Our Price: $339.00


Rubber Keypad for Schlage HandPunch
  • Rubber Keypad for HandPunch
Our Price: $79.00


Operational Battery Backup for HandPunch readers (No Board)
  • Opertional Battery-Backup
  • 2 Hours of Opertional Usage
  • Re-chargable 
Our Price: $79.00


HandPunch Main Board for HP-3000
  • Spare Main Board for HandPunch HP-3000
Our Price: $429.99


HandPunch F-Series Platens Sticker
  • Platen Overlay Sticker
  • Antimicrobial Surface
Our Price: $97.00


HandPunch Top Panel Assembly for HP-3000
  • Top Panel for HandPunch HP-3000
Our Price: $389.99


Complete Platen Assembly with antimicrobial and blue hand outline
  • HandPunch Platen Assembly 
  • Antimicrobial Blue Outline
Our Price: $185.00


Schlage Biometric HandPunch Clock Key | HP-Key
  • Works with all F-Series HandPunch
  • Schlage HandPunch Key
Our Price: $15.00


HandPunch HP-3000 Overlay

Schlage HandPunch HP-3000 Overlay. Simply change your hand reader's overlay to keep its new look.

Our Price: $55.00


Our Price: $79.00


HandPunch Power Supply Adapter | HP Power Source
  • HandPunch Power Supply Adapter 12V
Our Price: $43.00