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Weather Resistant Enclosure with Heater for HandPunch Time Clock

Weather Resistant Enclosure with Heater for HandPunch Time Clock

Item #: RTH-H
Our Price: $485.00


Is your Biometric HandPunch placed in a harsh environment?  

Do you want to protect your investment? Does the cold winter temperatures cause your HandPunch terminal to freeze? We have the perfect solution.  

Our weather resistant HandPunch enclosure with our factory installed heater will protect your hand scanner against the cold temperatures, snow, rain, dust and dirt.  The HandPunch enclosure comes standard with mounting holes to fit any F-series hand reader. Ideal for harsh winter environment to ensure your hand punch time clock functions properly.

Features of the weather resistant HandPunch enclosure with factory installed heater:

  • Spring Loaded Door (to ensure your employee does not leave the door open)
  • Durable & Long lasting  (Made from heavy duty steel)
  • Handle (Handle with key for easy access)
  • Heater (To keep the HandPunch terminal working properly during cold/freezing temperatures)

Specifications of the weather resistant HandPunch enclosure:

  • Overall Height: 25 1/2 inches
  • Overall Width: 15 inches
  • Overall Depth: 10 1/2 inches

You can also customize your order of weather resistant hand punch time clock enclosure with installed heater by choosing a different color than the default Ivory.

Here are the color options:
Black, Brown, Gray, Light Tan, Orange, Red, Traffic Blue, White and Taupe.

vics 001 F.jpg

There is an additional charge of $12.00 for the color selection.

Below is a list of F-series HandPunch terminals that will fit perfectly inside our weather resistant enclosure with heater.

HandPunch 1000           AMG HandPunch-1000 Software Package

HandPunch 2000           AMG HandPunch-2000 Software Package

HandPunch 3000           AMG HandPunch-3000 Software Package

HandPunch 4000           AMG HandPunch-4000 Software Package

HandPunch 1000E        AMG HandPunch-1000E Software Package

HandPunch 2000E        AMG HandPunch-2000E Software Package

HandPunch 3000E        AMG HandPunch-3000E Software Package

HandPunch 4000E        AMG HandPunch-4000E Software Package

  • Spring Loaded Door
  • Door Handle with Key
  • Equiped with Heater for cold/freezing tempatures
  • Mounting Holes for HandPunch Terminal
  • Dimension: 25 1/2" H x 15" W x 10 1/2" D