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Schlage HandPunch GT-400-MTRG | AMG Software Package

Schlage HandPunch GT-400-MTRG | AMG Software Package

Item #: AMG-GT400-MTRG
Our Price: $2679.00
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The HandPunch GT400 MTR-G

One of the most efficient solutions for workforce management is the AMG HandPunch GT400.  With this biometric time clock system you can improve record keeping accuracy, increase employee productivity, mitigate risk and provide a peace of mind for yourself and your staff.  The HandPunch GT400 bundled with the AMG Employee Attendance Software, provides tangible benefits daily.  When used properly the initial investment of the biometric HandPunch GT400 time clock can be returned in less than nine months.

The MTR-G embedded reader module provides compatibility with HID® proximity, GE/CASI ProxLite®, AWID® proximity, LENEL® proximity, and many 13.56 MHz smart card technologies, including our aptiQ™ smart credentials. If you upgrade your existing card based access control system from proximity to smart technology, our hand reader can upgrade with you. Additionally, aptiQ™ smart technology is NFC (near field communication) compatible and able to communicate with NFC-enabled phones whenever you’re ready to take that step.

The HandPunch GT-400 uses the size and shape of your employee’s hand to verify their identity each time they punch. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized, ensuring the privacy of each user. The terminal is fast and easy for anyone to use. And it eliminates buddy punching (when one employee clocks in for another), helping you save money.

Increased Up-Time

The HandPunch GT400 can be upgraded remotely by downloading the firmware and application functionality through an Ethernet connection; there is no need to remove the device from the wall or disrupt productivity.

Improve Serviceability

Remote diagnostic capabilities allows troubleshooting maintenance issues without detaching the time clock from the wall.

Employee Self-Service Kiosk

The HandPunch GT400 with its ATM-style kiosk, programmable soft keys and a large display field allows information like personal messages and list to be displayed.

Real Time Communications

Given the advance push technology feature, customers can experience access to information in real time.

Open Architecture Design

Open source based Linux operating system ensures programming flexibility.

Antimicrobial Protection

Embedded antimicrobial coating in the platen on the HandPunch GT400, inhibits the potential growth of bacteria.

How The HandPunch Works

The HandPunch GT400 verifies each employee by the size and shape of their hand, making the authentication process fast, easy and efficient.  The employees hand can be read even if it's dirty, dusty, greasy, wet, swollen or dry, making this time clock an effective solution in may applications. The HandPunch GT400 biometric system provides many benefits for your company.

Reduced Payroll And Administration Cost

Daily at the point of entry, clock-in and clock-out data is read and recorded, the translation of timecards are eliminated along with any issues between time worked and time reported.

Eliminates Time Fraud

With hand geometry recognition every users hand is considered unqiue. The HandPunch GT400 mitigates costly and fraudulent time theft known as "buddy punching".

More Productive And Informed Workforce

ATM-style kiosk system communication panel displays relevant data to employees. This verification process takes about a second at the point of entry.  This data is then transferred to management to further enhance communications.

AMG Employee Attendance Software Package 50 Employees, 2 Users (Expandable)

AMG Employee Attendance Software is a user-friendly time and attendance software application which is completely menu-driven. AMG attendance tracking software has graphical menu items, settings, configuration wizard, employee entry wizard, color-coded and image-coded notations that makes system users of any computer skill level to feel at ease and comfortable while working with the application.

AMG Time Mangement software accompanies automated calculations of employee times and wages, which is the primary feature of the system, will have results for your company with many benefits. For instance, better control of labor force and improvement of work productivity. Moreover, AMG Time Management Software will assist you in decision-making processes, as far as the system's reports can help you to monitor department and job costs, identify most efficient and inefficient employees, and provide lots of other information, which is, certainly very useful and valuable information for the company's senior management for making right decisions.

HR Functions

AMG time management software enables performing such HR functions as tracking employee attendance, employee earliness and tardiness, transfers from one department to another and from one job to another, assigning schedules, applying rounding to In and Out punches, calculating overtime, and calculating employee time and wages.

Payment Policies

With AMG Time Management Software you can create as many policies as you need. By configuring policies you are given a possibility to define holiday payment rules, overtime payment rules, and also exceptions to be reported. AMG Time Management Software supports 3 levels of overtime and also 3 modes of overtime calculation, which are Daily Overtime, Weekly Overtime and Consecutive Days Overtime.


AMG time recording software is further more designed to support as many shift groups as you need, which can include also many individual shifts. The system is designed as well to support flexible shifts, which have no fixed start and stop times. The system is also designed to support an assigning schedule with a floating shift, which assumes that the system will use the Shift's Cutoff value to find the closest shift and automatically assign an employee to that closest shift.

Comprehensive Reporting System

Approximately 30 reports are included in the system, which can be generated for any employee and for any time period you need. Generation of each report is designed to be an easy process of a maximum 3 steps. Besides being displayed on the screen, reports can also be saved as different file formats (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.), printed or automatically sent to any e-mail recipient.

Payroll Export

AMG Attendance System enables generating payroll reports which are to be used by 3rd party payroll systems. These reports can also automatically be sent to any e-mail recipient. The following payroll exports are being supported by AMG Attendance System:

  • ADP for Windows
  • Quick Books Pro
  • Paychex Preview
  • Peachtree 2003

Settings Configuration Wizard

Settings configuration wizard is designed to help first-time users to configure system's main settings by giving detailed step-by-step instructions and showing the right order of configuring system's settings.

Bell Ringing

This module allows creating bell schedules according to which devices will be activated to ring a bell. The schedule defines days of the week, time of the day and duration of the ring.

Fixing Wrong Transactions

The system tracks all transactions with wrong badge numbers, wrong department codes, and wrong job codes. This can be fixed later by assigning them to the correct ones.

Device Polling

This module enables polling information from data collection devices, and also synchronization of changes in PC´s date and time with devices.

Badge Transfer

Using this feature, AMG Attendance System users are given a possibility to transfer employee info included in devices (badge number, biometric data, etc.) from one device to another. This feature helps prevent performing double work. Once you have created a badge by any device you can easily transfer it to other devices.

Auto Processes

Auto Processes feature is a powerful tool for efficient use of time, as it enables automating the execution of some daily tasks. Each user can define any schedule for execution of tasks according to his convenience, as this information is being stored locally on the user's PC. The tasks being supported by AMG Attendance System are as follows: Running File, Polling Device, Optimizing Database, Running and automatically sending Report and Database Backup.

Benefit Accruals

This module allows assigning an employee a benefit time, such as vacation time or sick time, and automatically calculates the balance of that benefit time.


Security of the system is being ensured by authorization of users with the help of their unique User names and Passwords. System administrator and all those users who have the same permission can also limit some users access to the system by not granting permission to its some features or by allowing to access employee data for only certain divisions and groups.

PC Clock

PC Clock allows employees to perform all time clock actions at their PC. As far as it can completely imitate the performance of data collection devices, this feature can help you to ensure the continuing work of the system in case there are some problems with data collection devices and data cannot be captured from them.

Database Optimization

AMG Attendance System offers a database management tool, such as database optimization, which will ensure efficient use of server hard disk.

Database Backup and Restore

AMG Attendance System provides also a database backup and restore tool, which is a very valuable tool for archiving the data of the system and minimizes the risk of losing the information.

Employee Messaging

AMG Attendance System can enable displaying any message defined by you at data collection terminals after employee validation.

Status Board

This module is a good control tool which gives the supervisors a possibility to find out what employees are doing at the current time or at any moment in the last 99 hours. It defines the following 5 statuses: Working, Absent, Outside, Lunch and Break.

  • Real-Time Push Technology
  • Embedded Reader module
  • Reduced Payroll and Administrative Cost
  • Drastically reduces payroll costs



Upgrade to 5 administrator users on the AMG Employee Attendance Software! 

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Upgrade to 250 Active Employees on the AMG Employee Attendance Software!

Our Price: $220.00

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