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Schlage HandKey 2 | Biometric Scanner | HK 2

Schlage HandKey 2 | Biometric Scanner | HK 2

Item #: HK-2
Our Price: $1768.00
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Please Note: Software is NOT Included with this order. 

The Schlage HandKey HK 2 utilizes hand geometry to verify the identity of the user and enhance security at any door.  The Handkey HK 2 helps to ensure that only authorized users can gain access.  Users cannot swap badges or forget their credential.  Adding and deleting users is easy and the system can be expanded to support more users as your needs grow.
  • Supports multiple credentials, including proximity, magnetic stripe, bar code, iClass and MIFARE.
  • Field-installable Ethernet module.
  • Outdoor enclosures available.
  • Field-upgradeable and expandable memory options to support from 512 to 240,000 users.
  • Three user-definable outputs to connect other devices like audible or silent alarms, door locks or lighting systems.
  • Specially formulated antimicrobial coating on the platen inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, limiting the spread of germs. Coating lasts for the life of the product.
  • Blue hand outline on the platen facilitates easy enrollment and reduces errors during verification.

HandKey Specss.jpg


What is Hand Geometry?

Hand geometry measures the size and shape of a person’s hand, including length, width, thickness and surface area. When the user places his or her hand on the platen of a device like the Schlage Handkey Terminal, the device scans the hand to determine if the profile stored in the system matches the hand on the platen. In many cases, a swipe card or PIN may also be required to allow access.
  • No fingerprint or palm print is stored in the handkey hk 2 device.
  • Data is not shared with any outside agencies or companies.
  • Verification takes place in about one second.
  • Unauthorized access is eliminated since credentials cannot be duplicated.
  • Since the “credential” cannot be lost or stolen there is no cost to replace lost, damaged or stolen cards or keys.
  • Hand geometry accurately identifies the user even if his or her hand is dirty, wet or injured, or if the device is damp, dusty or dirty.
  • High Security, Reliability and Performance
Our HandKey HK 2 product is ideal for applications where consistent and dependable security is of prime importance. The product is easy to maintain, and provides an ideal mix of convenience, security and peace of mind. 


The HandKey HK 2 comes standard with 512 users, (Expandable to 240,000)

  • Supports multiple credentials
  • Antimicrobial Coating
  • Ingersoll Technologies
  • 3-User Definable Otputs
  • 512 users Upgrade to 240,000

Specifications of HandKey HK 2

  • Part Number: HK 2
  • Size: 8.85" (width) x 11.65" (height) x 8.55" (depth)
  • (22.3cm x 29.6cm x 21.7cm)  
  • Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
  • Verification time: Less than 1 second
  • Template size: 9 bytes
  • Power: 12-24 V DC or AC
  • Memory retention: Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery
  • ID number: 1 to 10 digits from keypad or card reader
  • Transaction storage: 5120 transactions, buffered
  • Communications: RS-485 (4-wire and 2-wire)
  • RS-232 serial printer support or network communications
  • Baud rate: 1200 to 28.8K bps
  • User capacity: 512 users standard, internally expandable to 32,512
  • Door controls: Door lock output – Sinks 0-24VDC, 100mA max.
  • Alarm monitoring – Tamper, Door switch, Two auxiliary inputs
  • Three auxiliary outputs – Sinks 0-24VDC, 100mA max.
  • Request for exit – Switch or keypad
  • Timezones: 62 user-definable time zones, unlimited holidays


Battery Backup for Schlage Biometric Time Clocks

Opertionaly 2 Hour Battery Back-up

For F-Series HandPunch terminals only

Our Price: $120.00