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Demonstration Unit Amano MJR 7000 | Time Recorder

Demonstration Unit Amano MJR 7000 | Time Recorder

Item #: Mjr-7000Demo
Our Price: $695.00


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Demonstration Unit Amano MJR 7000 Employee Time Clock

These Amano MJR 7000 timeclocks are not pre-owned or used by a company. These MJR-7000 time recorders were used by vendors for demonstration purposes. 

Clock purchase includes:

1 key
2 Ribbons
1000 Timecards

1 Year Warranty 

Programmable time recorder automatically calculates employee hours through consistent application of payroll policies. For up to 100 employees.

Discover fast accurate payroll preparation with the MJR Series computerized time recorder. The Amano MJR-7000 automatically calculates hours worked, and separates overtime hours taking the "guess work" out of payroll processing.

Benefits of the MJR-7000 Demo Unit

✔  Replaces time sheets and clock with computerized time calculating terminal.
✔  Controls employee time theft.
✔  Eliminates costly calculation errors.
✔  Accommodates a wide variety of payroll calculation rules.
✔  100 Employee Capacity.
✔  Automatic card feed.
✔  Automatic break deduction option.
✔  Built-in battery backup.
✔  Break net rounding.
✔  Two-sided printing for bi-weekly pay period.

Please call or send us an email for availability.

Features of the Amano MJR 7000- Demo Unit

✔  100 Employee Capacity.
✔  Calculates hours worked, separation of regular and overtime hours.
✔  Perpetual calendar.
✔  Automatic card feed.
✔  Automatic daylight savings adjustment.
✔  Automatic break deduction option.
✔  Attendance reports for current and previous pay period.
✔  Lockout capability.
✔  Optional rounding for IN/OUT times.
✔  Built-in battery backup protects clock and program data up to 72 hours during power failure.
✔  Break net rounding.
✔  Paid breaks.
✔  Carryover of weekly worked hours for semi-monthly and monthly pay period.
✔  Two-sided printing for bi-weekly pay period.

Technical Specifications of the Amano MJR -7000

✔  Power: 120V ?10%, 60Hz.
✔  Temperature: 14°F - 113°F (-10°C - 45°C).
✔  Humitity: 10% - 90% (no condensation).
✔  Dimensions: 9.5"(w) x 13.5"(h) x 8"(d).
✔  Weight: 17.25 lbs.

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  • Spring Loaded Door
  • Hasp for Pad Locking
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Time Card Racks Model 155
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2000 MJR Cards

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Ribbon for Amano MJR 7000
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  • Multiple Ink Cartridge Colors
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